Conveyor Network Limited (CNL) is an import, marketing and distributing company dedicated to bringing quality health and beauty products to Bangladesh. It is Conveyor Group’s latest venture, starting from January 2013 with a team of talented marketing professionals at the forefront.

CNL seeks out top-of-the-line quality consumer products from a global market to bring to Bangladesh, and also develops effective marketing strategies. Conveyor Network is able to harness Conveyor Group’s resources to rapidly cover geographical territory and ensure that the chosen brands get the most visibility around Bangladesh. CNL shows innovation when it comes to brand management and has the understanding and reach to local markets across the country that ensures successful sales. We bring in new and effective beauty products and food supplements of which we find a strong consumer need.

The specialized service provided by Conveyor Network Ltd. is of great advantage not only for individual consumers and the retail market, but also for doctors and clinics (especially those of alternative medicine), beauty parlors and pharmacies. In our first year, we are proud to have introduced Nu Skin and India Herbs products to the Bangladeshi market.

With ample resources, all the necessary know-how and connections in the import business, Conveyor Network looks forward to introducing more quality consumer products in the near future.

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