Conveyor Group’s subsidiaries have all demonstrated time and time again that we do not hesitate to set high standards for ourselves, or compromise in our responsibility to our people, local communities or the environment. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy encapsulates our values and approach towards our work, upholding honesty, fairness and responsibility in all our dealings. We strive to give our utmost to perform well as a business, yet only after we minimize any potential risks. We also encourage all our partners – suppliers and contractors in particular – to follow our example and implement responsible practices.

We have safeguards in place to protect our employees from any unfair treatment based on ethnicity, gender or religious beliefs, and maintain forums for our employees to consult. We also endeavour to support the development of our workers, giving them a safe working environment, and offering them clear and fair terms of employment.

Honesty and fairness also applies to our interaction and dealings with our customers. We regard all matters with professionalism and sincerity and are open to improving our practices for the better. We are always receptive to the feedback from our clients.

Conveyor Group is proud to support numerous local charities across Bangladesh, including several schools and other educational institutions. We believe that education is the real key to change for people at the grass root level, and, at the same time, understand that economic development is not effective if it is not holistic. With that in mind, we also contribute to supporting medical services for the poor.

Conveyor Group is sensitive to the needs of the people and also takes the issue of protecting the environment very seriously. We are aware that the practices we adopt in the course of our work can severely affect the surroundings, natural resources and the future of our community, and we do our utmost to go beyond just compliance with environmental legislation. We train our employees to be aware of the effects of our work, and continuously monitor our work, in order to minimize the chances of pollution. We also dispose of waste effectively, minimize any emissions into the environment, and research new ways of supporting the environment.

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