Project Logistics and Supply Services (PLSS), a subsidiary of Conveyor Group, acts as a supporting arm of Conveyor Logistics Limited that undertakes detailed planning and on-site development and support to ensure timely support to minimize any chances of delay. Regardless of the scale of work, PLSS ensures scheduled and timely delivery of projects through trained and experienced teams on the field who are capable of implementing a wide range of projects, specializing in construction. Some areas of specialization include the construction of oil and gas processing plants, high pressure pipelines, water and effluent treatment plants, and heavy cargo capable jetties.

Through years of experience and technical knowledge, the PLSS team has acquired a depth of understanding about compliance policies of multinational companies and is well adapted to meeting high standards of working procedures. PLSS has the capacity to address and resolve various problems that might emerge during the course of the project. National and international consolidation, distribution and coordination of partial consignments from various supplier countries are part of the PLSS comprehensive project management.

PLSS can undertake specialized and general civil constructions, such as offices, residential buildings, warehouses, or utility buildings. We are fully equipped to install the following:

  1. Power distribution cables, instrument cables and firefighting equipment
  2. Sewer system
  3. Water distribution system
  4. Fire hydrant system
  5. Cathodic protection system
  6. Pig launcher and pig receiver
PLSS has its own construction equipment, ample storage facilities in Dhaka, Chittagong and Comilla, and multiple modes of transport for the equipment and materials. This allows us to conveniently set up construction anywhere in Bangladesh at the lowest possible cost. PLSS can also carry out different types of non-destructive testing onsite, including radiography, ultrasonic test, magnetic particle test, dye penetration test, and hydrostatic testing for oil and gas pipelines and fire hydrant systems.

While Conveyor Logistics’ expertise lies in effectively and safely transporting cargo across the globe, it is PLSS’s role to assemble and install once cargo reaches the project site. We take pride in the quality of our work and the commendable safety measures we take every step of the way.

Conveyor PLSS is also involved in major construction activities such as:

  1. Constructing office buildings, residential buildings, Embassy buildings, industrial buildings, control rooms, utility buildings and laying warehouse, plant and equipment foundations.
  2. Developing sites as per the requirements of the client; construction and supply of living/store containers.
  3. Specializing in civil construction work such as drill pads, plant and equipment foundations of oil and gas processing plants, riverside jetties for unloading heavy-lift cargo and so on.
  4. Constructing plant piping, fire hydrant systems, water distribution systems, sewer systems, water treatment plants, effluent treatment plants and so on.
  5. Constructing high pressure oil and gas pipelines and installation of the Catholic Protection System.
  6. Survey work, soil testing, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) by radiography, ultrasonic test, magnetic particle test, dye penetration test, among others.
  7. Installation and erection of oil and gas processing plants, including necessary on-site fabrication work.
  8. Installation of power distribution cables, instrument cables and firefighting equipment.
  9. Hydrostatic Testing of oil and gas pipelines and fire hydrant systems, and Installation of Pig Launcher and Pig Receiver and pigging of oil and gas pipeline.
  10. Project Management and Planning.

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