With professionals possessing of worldwide logistics experience, Conveyor can offer you commitment to quality service and a long term seamless relationships which we have cultivated with our clients, providers, and vendors, utilizing the expertise of professionals who are onsite at locations nationwide. A fully trained dynamic team in all modes of transport and documentation ensures efficient performance and expert recommendations whenever you need.

We will help you accommodate your contractual obligations, mitigate risks, and remain compliant with the rules and regulations of customs whenever required. Our tailor made solutions will help you minimize costs, avoid risks and delays in the global transport of over dimensional and heavy lift shipments from several sectors such as:

Oil & Gas

Services include:
  • Procurement and expediting
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Air, sea and road transport
  • 24-hour site management
  • Customs clearance

Camp management catering services
  •     Mining
  •     Energy
  •     Machinery & Equipment
  •     Infrastructure
  •     Heavy Lift

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