We at Conveyor Group prioritize the health and safety of our staff and the protection of the environment as part of our approach to progress and overall success. These high standards are reflected in our commitment to maintaining zero tolerance for any practices that are hazardous to health or detrimental to the environment. We hold ourselves fully responsible for the wellbeing of the people who work with us. In addition to complying with government laws and regulations, we ensure that each employee at every tier of our company is fully cognizant of our Health, Safety and Environment policy (HES), takes responsibility for its implementation, and, wherever possible, assists in developing new, safer working practices and ways to limit waste or emissions to the environment.

Our policy is committed to identifying and eliminating fatal risks and potential hazards in all activities we undertake. Each of our subsidiaries maintains management, monitoring, review, audit and assurance systems all geared towards protecting people, communities and the environment. Our audits are published regularly, and our employees receive safety training in accordance with all aspects of our policy. These trainings are held on a monthly basis, and cover all emergency procedures: man over site, fire drills, spill containment drills and HAZMAT drills.

Our HES Procedures manual is a comprehensive guide to eliminating risks to people and the environment. This manual is continually updated based on our monitoring, assessment and introduction of new procedures. Managers and supervisors are expected to not just report, but also advise their superiors, and make recommendations for better procedures.

The people working for us are expected to report any unsafe practices or conditions to their supervisors, and only engage in tasks that they fully understand, using necessary safety equipment. Employees attend safety meetings and must always ask for guidance with tasks they do not fully understand or are unfamiliar with. In the event of an injury or accident, employees are expected to fully cooperate with their supervisor to ensure that all necessary corrective measures are taken.

At Conveyor Group, safety is a personal commitment and we understand that it is only with the support and compliance of every member of Conveyor Group that we can maintain our impeccable safety record.

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