In the backdrop of a highly competitive and dynamic industry, Conveyor Group has been able to progress quickly due to its keen commitment to continuous capacity development. We believe that it is important for the employees to grow together with the company for optimum quality and sustainable progress.

With the broad range of services we offer, it is essential for Conveyor Group to keep up-to-date, whether the subject is handling dangerous goods, safety procedures and emergency protocol, or introducing computer programming to more effectively manage projects, or even familiarization with tariffs, tax policy and procedures. By keeping each of our divisions informed, we are able to collectively provide a safe and encouraging working environment and, at the same time, provide the highest standard of quality.

Our approach to training is to provide every employee the tools they need to most effectively do their job, and consistently identify new areas of improvement. In this way, we are able to analyze any special training needs across divisions and are able to offer something new by the time the next refresher training session comes around. Our training methods are modern, interactive and participatory where feedback from all levels is essential.

Some of the versatile areas of training that Conveyor Group has introduced across all our subsidiaries include:

  1. Awareness training on ISO 9001: 2008 and Quality Policy & Quality Objectives.
  2. Awareness course on Health, Safety & Environment
  3. Essential HSE training on reasons for having HSE in Company, HSE management systems, circadian rhythms, electrical safety, drugs and alcohol awareness, emergency response planning, fire prevention and mitigation training, first aid training, hazards awareness and risk management, personal protective equipment.
  4. Training on CBTA Module
  5. Training on Defensive Driving Course
  6. Training course on dangerous goods regulations for dangerous goods acceptance and handling personnel.
  7. Training course on Computer-Aided Analysis and Design of Buildings & Foundation and Slab using ETABS and SAFE software together.
  8. Training course on Electrical Services for Buildings and Industries
  9. Training course on Computer-Aided Project Management
  10. Training on Rules & Procedures of VAT & Income Tax
  11. Training course on HRM
  12. Training course on Marketing
  13. Training courses on Auto CAD 2D & 3D
  14. Training course on Cargo tariff and handling
  15. Training for 3M certified installers

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